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What’s New on Degrassi: Season 10 Episode 29 and 30


courtesy of, Adam talks to Fiona after volunteering

Umbrella, pt. 1 (Episode 1029)

Air Date: October 29

Summary: Ever since she received the news about her parents’ divorce, Clare has been going through a really tough time. When she finds out they’re selling the house and she’ll have to be torn between her mom and her dad, she can’t imagine things getting any worse. Not knowing where to go or who to turn to, she goes to find Eli. But, it turns out that he’s out to dinner with his crazy parents- whom she’s never met. Although “Bullfrog” and “CeCe” Goldsworthy are quite unusual, they make Clare feel comfortable when they offer for her to stay at their house when things get rough – until she realizes they are talking about her staying in Eli’s room. Later, she goes to Eli’s, but he turns her down because he doesn’t want her to go against her abstinence beliefs. Moving on, Mrs. Torres is making her sons, Drew and Adam, run the school food drive. When the beautiful senior, Fiona Coyne, returns to school, they convince her to volunteer. Adam has a chance to speak to her after school, and finds himself attracted to her. But, since Drew also likes Fiona, Adam actually dedicates his conversation into promoting his brother as a potential boyfriend for Fiona. When Adam finds out she’s not looking for a physical or sexual relationship, he is not sure if he should have helped his brother after all, because the relationship would work perfectly for Adam himself. Additionally, Dave Turner is set on becoming popular and doesn’t want to be geeky Wesley’s best friend forever. Dave starts hanging out with the ‘cool kids’ around the same time his police officer dad is stationed at the school. Wesley, in an act of vengeance against Dave who had ditched him for cooler friends, leaks this information to the ‘cool kids’, embarrassing Dave and turning his new friends against him.

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Review: 7 out of 10

Umbrella, pt. 2 (Episode 1030)

Air Date: November 5

Summary: Clare’s still upset and embarrassed with Eli for rejecting her proposal to sleep with him. She confronts him, and brings his dead girlfriend Julia into the conversation. The two fail to come to an understanding on the matter. Clare confides in Adam, telling him she plans on sneaking into his room to get back her father’s watch (that she had previously given to Eli) and to find out what’s going on in there. Adam tells her there’s a combination lock on the door. When they visit Eli’s house at lunchtime, they find out the date of Julia’s death is the combination to unlock the door. Inside, they are surprised to see stuff built up everywhere and how messy he is. Clare cleans Eli’s room and tells him she what she did. Eli freaks out and panics and Clare doesn’t understand what’s going on. He tells her later that after Julia died, he felt like he couldn’t throw anything out, or else him or someone close to him would ‘get hurt.’ Clare tells him she wants to help, and together they start going through things in Eli’s room. Onto other news at Degrassi, Fiona tries to flirt and get closer to Drew, as she told Adam she would, but it only ends up upsetting Adam. She doesn’t understand what’s going on and why the brothers are always fighting about her. Adam tells Drew he thinks that he should go for Fiona and not Drew, because she’s not looking for anything physical. Drew thinks he can change that and tells Adam he doesn’t deserve her, which causes Adam to storm off. Drew speaks to Fiona, and is close to revealing Adam’s transgender secret, but backs down and tells

courtesy of, Claire and Eli clean Eli's messy room

Fiona how great of a brother Adam is. Moving on, Dave wants his new and ‘cool’ friends to like him again, despite the fact they think he’s a loser because of his father. They tell Dave to prove that he can be cool by stealing something from his father’s cop car, so Dave brings them a taser. His friends tell him to try it on someone, so Dave shoots his old friend Wesley with it. In the end, they make up because Dave realizes he was stupid and shouldn’t have turned on Wesley like that.

Review: 9 out of 10

**Earlier in the season, we learned about Eli’s ex-girlfriend, Julia. One night, Julia and Eli had gotten in a fight, which ended in Julia running off in the middle of the night by herself. She had gotten hit by a car, and Eli says he still blames himself.

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