Wanelo offers products that users “want, need and love”

Wanelo, pronounced “wah-nee-lo” may sound like a bizarre, foreign word. However, it is the newest way to find some of the coolest products and stores.

Wanelo.com is a social store created by an eclectic team from San Francisco. Wanelo, which is derived from the words “Want, Need, Love,” features user and store posted unique products.  Like Etsy, users can post and sell their own products.  From trendy clothes to clever iPhone cases to quirky pieces of furniture, Wanelo will keep users scrolling for hours.

When viewers first get on the website, they will see the “trending” products of the day.  Viewers can also search for products and look at popular stores, collections or people.  To view more than one page of products, viewers must join in (for free) on the craze.  Those interested can easily join through email or Facebook.  To get started, the website offers categories of interest that users can choose from, that way Wanelo can start adding to their feed of products.

Wanelo offers collections that users can follow, which range from geek goodies to furniture from the future to things that look like other things. There is even a “trollin’” collection.  Users can also follow stores or other users. From the trending page, most popular page or “my feed” page, those registered can save or buy these products.

The website notes that users can share their profile of saved products with family and friends, so when birthdays come around, they can send them their profiles as opposed to a written wish list.

Some products are costly, but this website takes window-shopping to a new level.  Whether users are searching for a specific product, for something none of their friends have or just looking, Wanelo can be loads of fun.

Furniture from the Future