Utopia: Reality TV in its Truest Form

Photo courtesy of tvweek.com.

Photo courtesy of tvweek.com.

Anthony Cornatzer, Eastside Staff

Have you ever imagined the ideal society?

Fox’s new television show, Utopia, takes this vivid imagination to an extraordinary new depth of live television. Utopia is the recent new project by producer John de Mol, in which fifteen Americans completely abandon civilization and are sent to a remote location where they construct a “new society.” In this construction, the people make all the rules: the system of government, the law, relations with one another and religion. These “Utopians” are filmed at all times throughout the day with no privacy. In addition, viewers are able to help vote members off of the show, which leaves the casting situation ongoing.

As the show’s website proclaims, “This is not a game. There is no prize. This is Utopia: reality TV in its truest form.” If only ratings shared as much enthusiasm as the show’s creators. According to TV Series Finale, the show’s last airing on September 13 had a viewing range of a 0.80 demo from the 18-49 demographic, which is more than a 50% drop from its demo for the show’s premiere. The show also currently has 1.9 million viewers, whereas it held a number as high as 4.6 million at its premiere.

Aside from such disappointing ratings, the show could in theory appeal to many students at East with its emphasis on young adults creating a new existence on their own.

However, as all cool ideas more often than not prove: no matter how interesting an idea is, it doesn’t matter if there is not an audience that possesses an eager interest themselves.