Toy Story 3 review

Any sequel of a movie as popular as Toy Story and Toy Story 2 is bound to receive millions of returning fans. Even for those who are not such big fans, the jolly thriller is bound to please children of all ages. Despite the new “edgy” scenes, in its first weekend alone, Toy Story 3 led with $60 million, a record-setting box office opening.

The troubles of the movie begin when Andy is forced to clean his room. His mother is unhappy with how messy it had become, and tells him that he has to throw his toys in the trash, put them in the attic, or donate them to a daycare center. Andy wants the toys to go to the attic, but his mom saw them in a trash bag and put them outside, so the toys ran out and got in the back of the moms car and got to day care. However, Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) is chosen to go to college with Andy, but he escapes to look for his friends. The toys think that they will like the day care center because the kids will play with them, but soon a bad bear toy comes along named Lotso (voice of Ned Beatty). Many issues arise, but viewers will be surprised with what happens when the toys think they have reached their destruction.

The movie is no letdown, with its fun story line, amazing animation and constant humor. Grab your friends, and get ready for a good time.