The Skeleton Twins – Movie Review

Aaron Finkelstein, Eastside Staff

Straight from their success on Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star in The Skeleton Twins, a drama-comedy about two separated siblings who feel both disappointed and defeated. The siblings are connected by an unexpected situation that leads to a reunion. This get together helps pronounce not only their love for each other, but it also reminds them to treasure their lives as well.

Wiig and Hader’s chemistry assists in driving the movie along. Since Wiig and Hader have worked with each other for many years prior to the filming of the movie, their strong relationship is shown as they improvise through hilarious moments during the film.

Hader portrays a gay man in the film, which goes along with his character’s struggle in modern day society. Wiig’s performance proves that she can act in comedy and also in serious roles.

With such comedic powerhouses leading this movie, the dramatic performances are still a little bit overshadowed. However, the acting is well above average, and the film is never worn down.

Craig Johnson does an outstanding job directing and writing The Skeleton Twins, using serene and beautiful lighting to bring an almost visual magnificence to the picture. Close face-shots are also utilized to show the raw emotion and pain in the character’s expressions.

Johnson’s passion for all the characters can be seen as the screenplay delves deep down into the thoughts in the actor’s heads.

The Skeleton Twins is a beautiful movie that teaches viewers about the human condition through the eyes of the movie’s actors, proving that comedians can also succeed in taking on serious acting roles.