Super Bowl attracts viewers for the show that follows

Alexis Baker (’11)

 Every year, the Super Bowl stirs up enthusiasm. Aside from exciting football fans, it excites TV stations, as well. The post-Super Bowl time slot is the perfect opportunity for a new show to make its premiere. 

Starting in 1983, different series have premiered in this time slot, and the majority of them–such as “The Wonder Years” and “Family Guy”–have become great hits.

Every year, more and more viewers tune in to watch the Super Bowl and the show that follows. The average number of years each show has ran is five years, and a few of the series are still on the air and just as popular as they were when they premiered. An exception, “Family Guy,” has now been airing for 10 years, which is a great success in television, regardless of when the show began. Every show had a constant viewership except “Macgruder and Loud,” which ended shortly after its launch. 

According to TV by the Numbers, “The viewership numbers for the ‘Program after the Super Bowl’ are pretty crazy, hardly the relatively smooth increase shown by the Super Bowl, but 25 million at least.”

A “60 Minutes” episode with the Bill Clinton interview regarding his alleged affair aired following the 1992 Super Bowl on CBS. The Nielsen ratings have recorded that episode as one of the top 20 most watched episodes of the decade.

After the successful start of “The Office,” a proposed spin-off was created, tentatively entitled “Public Service.” The new series was set to be aired after the Super Bowl, yet its launch episode has been moved to April. The show will include Amy Poehler as a bureaucrat in Indiana with the goal of becoming the first female president. The show is said to have the same “mockumentary” feel as “The Office.”

This year, “The Office” has received the post Super Bowl slot for its new episode. This new episode will have guest appearances by Jessica Alba, Jack Black and Cloris Leachman. The celebrities will appear as stars from a bootleg movie. It is estimated to have 27 million viewers that night.