Stormy clouds for The Almost’s “Southern Weather”

thealmost.jpg“Southern Weather” is the debut full-length album from Florida alternative rock group The Almost. There are eleven tracks on the disc, lasting a scant 38 minutes, and that’s the only positive thing that can be said about this album. 

If the cover shot of the shore with storm clouds lingering overhead didn’t give it away, “Southern Weather” is your typical emotional summer album with an overdose of teen angst. On the disc, there are songs full of the cliché “you’re a bad girlfriend” theme, among other stereotypes of teen drama mentality. 

On top of the poor acoustic guitar performances in tracks like “Dirty and Left Out” and the terrible electric guitar in most songs, The Almost has managed to find a vocalist horrendous enough to make these already horrible songs worse. Even worse, the group tries to fit Christian themes into their tracks. They neither fit nor sound good in any of the songs. 

The drummer and bassist fail to do anything extraordinary, merely keeping the beat. However, that may be for the better, as whenever the guitarist and vocalist try to impress the listener they just end up making the track even more difficult to sit through. The repetition of the same power chords again and again makes every track mold together into one shoddy 38 minute song.   

There is nothing good to say about “Southern Weather.” The Almost, in addition to having a bad name, has created a monstrosity of music that should not be listened to by fans who seek creativity. “Southern Weather” should be discontinued immediately to save precious blank CD’s for other artists. Simply put, this album is awful.