Something to do this Friday

 It’s Friday and those of you at East that show no interest in going to see the football game might feel a little left out. Everyone is out watching the East team try their best and you have nothing to do. Well get into a positive attitude because new movies at your local theaters are sure to keep you entertained.

Lakeview Terrace, a new film featuring Samuel L. Jackson, was released in theaters today. Jackson’s character (Abel Turner) is an LAPD officer that looks over his quiet suburban neighborhood and keeps the area safe. Everything is changed, however, when a new couple, Chris Mattson (Patrick Wilson) and Lisa Mattson (Kerry Washington), moves in next door to Turner. The officer doesn’t take kindly to the couple because they are interracial and proceeds to harass them. When enough becomes enough the couple fights back and the movie turns into a high-octane thrill ride. 

Another film, Burn After Reading, was released last week and should provide great laughs for any high school student. Written, produced, and directed by the Coen brothers, Burn After Reading is a dark comedy that follows the path of gym employees that find a CD with government “information” on it. Trying to coax the owner of the disc into paying them for its safe return, they gym employees send the audience on a topsy-turvy adventure filled with laughs and death at every corner. Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and George Clooney are in this film so the acting is guaranteed to be top notch. 

  These two films are only a taste of some of the newer movies that are taking over theaters this fall. So if you are looking for something to do on a lonely Friday night why not check them out?