Shark Week: the ultimate annual shark attack

Finally, the one week of the year is here when another ancient sanguinary beast dominates television as opposed to the mythological—and becoming trite—vampire: Shark Week.

First premiering on the Discovery Channel in 1986, it is safe to say jaws, surfer attacks and dauntless divers inviting the ferocious sea beasts into a cage to test the waters never gets old.

This year, Shark Week began July 31 and will conclude August 5 with Andy Samberg, of Saturday Night Live, as the host, one lionhearted enough to dive underwater and come face to snout with some of the oceans’ most feared predators.

And, of course nothing says Shark Week better than the new specials, such as Killer Sharks and Jaws Comes Home. Killer Sharks is just as ominous as it sounds as gore-hungry viewers will tune in to a program, set in 1957, focusing on a rouge shark that finds a balmy resort town as the perfect place to munch. Though Steven Spielberg’s great white will not be resurrected in the special, Jaws Comes Home, the program will feature an equally monstrous and terrifying great white that just so happens to not only attack the buoys keeping a diver’s cage afloat, but also manages to get stuck atop the cage with the solution of violently slamming against it to break free—a suspenseful watch to say the least.

Into the Shark Bite is one of last year’s successes to premiere again this year, a jaw-dropping watch that follows shark expert Mark Addison and underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande as they put their life on the line by attaching a miniature HD camera into the shark bite. This thriller will allow ordinary citizens to catch a glimpse of a rather lurid shark attack. 

Make sure to tune into Discovery’s one week of shark coverage galore because nothing says good television like big, hungry sharks ready to bite.