RunPee proves successful for moviegoers

Ben Silvert, Eastside Staff

Have you ever been dying to take a leak during a movie? The app, RunPee can help to fix that. RunPee is an app that provides optimal times to relieve oneself during a movie. You open the app and it shows all the recent films that are currently in theaters, although you can search for older movies too if you are using the app at a friend’s house or at a party.

You can click on the movie title and it shows any times that are considered boring by the individual who makes the “Peetime.” Scroll down and it shows the minutes of the scene and a brief summary of what happens. If you are not certain whether the scene you are currently watching is the scene that the poster is referring too, it even provides lines from the actors in the scene to confirm any prior suspicion. The app additionally provides a timer that vibrates for each Peetime, gives a synopsis of the first three minutes for arriving late to the movie and lets the moviegoer know if there are any extra scenes after the credits.

RunPee is even considerate to others as it has a black theme in order to prevent aggravating other movie watchers. If you are really afraid to be that person who uses his or her phone in the theater, you can keep your phone in your pocket and use the timer. Not only is RunPee perfect for movie enthusiasts, but it is also beneficial to urinary tract infection patients.