Reddit takes the social networking world by storm

Reddit takes the social networking world by storm.

Reddit takes the social networking world by storm.

Jocelynne Dorotan, For Eastside

Many social media networks have continued to emerge with today’s advancement in modern technology. Among the most popular social media networks is Reddit: a website which takes the basic forum to a whole new level.

Through its extensive algorithm, Reddit is an interactive website which allows people to submit various posts including pictures and images, current events, societal issues, or any topic in general.

Reddit allows users to score a submission through “upvoting” or “downvoting.” The posts that receive the most upvotes make their way to the front page of the website for all of the viewers to see.

On the website, there are many different “subreddits,” or specific topics, where people can find posts of their own interests. People can also subscribe to a certain subreddit to stay updated on that particular subject.

Through Reddit’s many subtopics, people can either learn more information or teach others, which can benefit students when it comes to their academics.

DeVon Herr (18’) said, “I actually use Reddit to help other people, and analyze the topic and give explanations that reinforces my memory on the topic, which subsequently aids me when I use it for academic purposes.”

Students at East who use Reddit can ask questions about school assignments or life in general, and receive feedback from other people throughout the world.

While other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook revolve around a person’s personal life, Reddit is centered on discussion about different topics. Users can easily comment or “upvote” other posts. Reddit also allows users to dislike posts, which neither Facebook nor Twitter permits. On Reddit, users can also communicate anonymously, and without the identification, people can respond more honestly and freely, allowing for varied opinions. The homepage of the website is simple to use and easily allows personalization to comply with people’s interests. The diverse and simplistic style of Reddit draw thousands of users to join the discussions every day.

Social media networks continue to develop and become more popular for people to use. Reddit is becoming a power house in transforming the way that social network was used in the past.