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Prison Break “Five the Hard Way”

prison-break-1192.jpgThis week on Prison Break, members of Agent Self’s handpicked group went to Las Vegas in pursuit of the fifth Scylla card. Sucre, Sara, Roland and Lincoln all went to Vegas while Michael, Bellick and Mahone went searching for T-Bag.

T-Bag, who was threatened and tortured by Gretchen, is also trying to get Scylla. He managed to trick Bellick and took Michael, Mahone and Bellick hostage before Mahone escaped. Michael had to help him decode Whistler’s Bird Book. Mahone immediately found Self and told him what happened, and they rescued the group while trapping T-Bag underground. But Michael later found out that T-Bag was working for Gretchen, the woman who held Sara hostage, and he was threatened to get T-Bag out of the place he was trapped. 


Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, the phrase still held true. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  The fifth cardholder was found. The plan went awry when Sara attempted to use her charm to get into his room, but found out that the man was gay. So the guys sent Sucre to do what Sara couldn’t, and he got into the cardholders room, only to find the man’s wife inside.  Sucre was able to get the card downloaded onto Roland’s Wi-Fi device, and he got something more than he expected. 

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After the card was downloaded, Roland got a little sidetracked by his gambling addiction, and messed up the group’s plans using the device to cheat the slot machine. Unfortunately for him and the group, he was banned from playing in any Vegas casino for life. The casino found out, confiscated his device and kicked him out. The sixth card was still at large, and without that device, it seemed almost impossible to get it. 


All in all, the show this week had some good twists. T-Bag and Gretchen working together was a nice change of pace. They are the two best villains on the show, and them working together was something the show has been hinting at for a while now. 


Losing Roland’s Device could not come at a better time. If they had kept it, the season would have been over in less than three weeks. Having to improvise prolongs the season and still keeps the shows at high quality without dragging things out too much. The shows will now become a little less predictable, which is very good. The season’s finally starting to reach its potential, and the quality of the episodes are starting to become much better. 


Grade: B+

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    MelissaMar 23, 2010 at 3:11 am

    T-Bag was my always my favorite character on Prison Break. That guy rules!