Oscars seek new venue for ceremony

To a lot of people, the Academy Awards is more than just an awards ceremony where celebrities receive large golden statues, otherwise known as Oscars. For many, the ceremony holds important traditions, and the venue is one of them. Recently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences reviewed a section in its contract and notified the CIM Group, which owns the venue, that it may move the Oscars elsewhere after the 2013 show.

The Oscars have been held at the Kodak Theatre ever since 2002, which adds up to almost ten years of award ceremonies at the 3,401-seat theatre at Hollywood Boulevard. The Kodak Theatre has many advantages over many other Los Angeles theatres. It has a huge stage fit for a king-sized award ceremony, like the Oscars, measuring in at 113 feet wide and 60 feet deep. The theatre has a special cockpit area for filming the ceremony and it has an underground cabling system to connect it to trucks and other equipment outside of the theatre.

The Academy governor insists that the Academy is not discontented with the Kodak Theatre, but, instead, is simply considering a change of scenery as a business decision to explore all options. The Academy actually likes the venue and prefers to keep the ceremony in Hollywood. It will all depend on the deal the group is offered in comparison to other possible arenas that are available, though.

The entertainment industry is always looking for something bigger and better. Maybe, by finding a new venue for the Oscars, the Academy will explore options that could offer ceremonies just as pristine as the current awards.