New Girl: Season 1 Episode 1

The new series “New Girl” focuses on the life of Jess (Zooey Deschanel), a teacher who is stuck living with three guys.

It is hard to imagine an emotionally unstable Jess having to move in with three guys. She is going through the basic post-breakup breakdown. Watching Dirty Dancing five or six times a day, crying for all hours of the day, she basically drives her roommates insane. The sight of three grown men trying to calm down a recently dumped woman is hilarious.

At this point in the show her relationship with her roommates (Schmidt, Coach, and Nick) is strengthening. Even though the show is a comedy, the most serious and heartwarming parts are when she connects with them. It originally seems like they do not like Jess because of her dramatic recovery from the break up, but the last scene of the episode really proves that assumption to be false.

Jess ends up getting stood up on her post-breakup date, and the guys find out about it. They are faced with the decision of going to help her, or staying at their party.  The three of them show up like knights in shining armor for her and they sing; they sing not just any song, but “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. So all four of them end up belting out in song in the middle of a fancy restaurant. Not only was this a hysterical scene, but it also showed how the relationship between all of them is growing stronger. Because Jess needs people like this in her life right now, this scene ends the episode on a high note. One could say Jess became “one of the guys.”