Movies Anywhere creates a new partnership among the film industry and digital media platforms


Movies Anywhere

The Movies Anywhere platform is available on a variety of devices.

Eli Weitzman, Eastside Webmaster

This past week, many major Hollywood studios; including Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox announced a new partnership, on an application called Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere basically does what it says; it shows you movies anywhere you want. However, the story behind it is revolutionary.

The application is a partnership between the major Hollywood film companies, as an evolution from the UltraViolet digital locker service for movies. One key difference in the new service is that, instead of purchasing DVDs with UltraViolet copies, the user can now use their existing movie purchases from digital marketplaces. This can be done on sites such as iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Amazon, and purchase more through the services as well.

Movies Anywhere also comes with a few benefits. You can now download all your purchased films on your mobile devices on the same app. As well, for a limited time, new users will receive five free movies when they link media accounts, including Ice Age, Ghostbusters, Big Hero 6, Jason Bourne, and The Lego Movie.

Overall, the service is a leap forward in the innovation of the film industry, and may revolutionize movie purchases as we know it.