Movie fees continue to rise with the “Mega Ticket”

From the admission ticket to the snacks behind the counter, a trip to any movie theater is overwhelmingly costly—and, unfortunately, on the rise. Recently, theaters have included various updates ranging from 3-D, IMAX and reserved seating, all of which have sent ticket prices elevating. In more urban areas, moviegoers end up spending up to $20 for an individual ticket.

When Man of Steel came out last week, reserved seating at AMC’s Lincoln Square movie theater in New York City had customers dishing out $23.50 per ticket. Though this may sound like a ridiculously priced fee, Paramount Studios has started to question whether moviegoers would be willing to pay even more than that.

Last week, Paramount Studios and Regal Cinemas affirmed the $50 “Mega Ticket” for World War Z, which included early admission, a digital copy of the movie, 3-D glasses, a poster, and a small popcorn. Sold in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston and San Diego, the ticket served as an experiment to see just how far people will go to have the full movie experience.

While the tickets proved an interesting idea, Americans do not appear to be sold on the idea of paying more for tickets to in-demand films.


The Mega Ticket offers many services to its consumers.