Men From When “About Time” CD

Elana Perilstein (‘10)

Who, what, where, when and why. These words, commonly known as the five W’s, have been around for a long time-even longer than the not-so-new band, Men From When, who finally released their first CD, cleverly named About Time. The band and album have been 11 years in the making.

Despite the ambiguity of the rockers’ ages, the songs on About Time are almost catchy. From the upbeat Kissed (this song highlights the drums and percussion) to the quote-worthy Queen Of The Sun, you’ll quickly learn that their voices are hardly Grammy-material. The lyrics are good and memorable, especially those from the song Things You Said That Day: “World in your hands, you through it away, you stuck to what you believed in. The things you said that day,” which the band has dedicated to John Lennon.

The first song, Jenny McDowell, and the title song, About Time, are arguably the best songs on the album. Jenny McDowell is most likely the song that you’ll be singing after listening to the entire album; however, About Time has a catchy and creative chorus with slower verses in-between, “The clock keeps speeding around the bend, The days they race into a blend. I fear that soon my time will end. Life’s too short–I know my friend”. Overall I’d say that some songs are better than others. The album is a good one- worth buying if you are into older rock bands.

Rating: 3