Meek Mill Announces New Album


Zach Padersky, Eastside Staff

After months of anticipation, Meek Mill officially announced that his newest album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” will officially come out this month.

During a show at the Hot 97 Summer Jam, Meek Mill paused his performance to say that the album will be coming out during the month of June.

His sophomore album was initially supposed to be released last year, but his brief stint in jail delayed the release.

Some singles like “B-Boy”, “Check” and “Monster” have already been released from the album. They have been quite popular so far and have totaled over 2 million views on SoundCloud. These songs have produced a lot of publicity for the upcoming album and have excited fans in anticipation of these new songs.

Meek Mill’s first album “Dreams and Nightmares” was released in 2012 and received critical acclaim. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Rap Albums and number two on the Billboard Top 200. It was an impressive start to Meek Mill’s career and ever since this album was released, fans have wanted more.

Over the past three years Meek Mill has teased audiences with mixtapes, singles and freestyles. This has made audiences restless for a new album so that they can listen to an hour worth of music, instead of waiting for the next song to come out. The wait, however, will not be for much longer with the album coming out this month.