Magique Grand Illusionist show at the Tropicana

Magique Grand Illusionist is a fairly new show at the Tropicana Casino/Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tickets for people ages 16 and up are $25.00 and for those younger than 16, $10.00. The show stars two men, Kevin and Caruso. Both of these magicians are involved in every act whether they are performing it themselves or not. Along with Kevin and Caruso, there are about 10 female dancers who also participate in every act. The show starts at 7:00 pm and ends around 8:15 pm.

The show starts with two female dancers on both sides of the stage performing a tropical dance. The music playing during the routine goes exactly with the way the performers danced.

The magic tricks performed in the show aren’t your typical kind of magic tricks involving playing cards or a rope. These tricks involve humans disappearing and reappearing within the matter of seconds, including some knives and fire during the process. The audience was fascinated.

The unique, hand made costumes made by Caruso himself, are extremely glittery, colorful and detailed. They definitely drew the audiences attention in. Headpieces were often seen on all performers just to add more excitement.

The audience was filled with toddlers to teenagers, adults and some elders.  Audience interaction was major—4 people got picked to come on stage and everyone else was offered to stand up during one of the tricks. The show was appropriate for all ages and everyone can easily be entertained. I recommend anybody to go to have a fun time.

The show has been extended to play until the beginning of October. If you ever need some fun, exciting entertainment down by the beach, be sure to check this out. It was certainly one of the better shows at the Tropicana.