Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy raises concerns about teen pregnancies


Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Kylie Jenner walks the red carpet at the Met Gala.

Jared Garfinkle, Eastside Staff

Kylie   Jenner,   most   commonly   known   from   Keeping   up   with   the   Kardashians, her personal   makeup   line, Kylie   Cosmetics,   and   her   notorious   “Lip   challenge,”   has   gathered   quite   a following,   especially   after   her   most   recent   news.  

With   the   reality   star   announcing   her pregnancy   with   Travis   Scott,   the   question   arises:   How   will   this   affect   the views   and   opinions  surrounding teenage   pregnancy?   Results   from   multiple   surveys   conducted   in   recent   years   suggest   that fewer female   teens   find   it   “okay”   to   get   pregnant   at   an   age   below   20. In 2015,   the   birth   rate   for   women   aged   15-19   had   dropped   eight percent per 1,000   women   since   the previous year.  

Much controversy   continues   to   emerge   because   at   the age of 20,   many   believe   that   Kylie   is   not an adult and has   had   limited   real   world   experience.   She   has   yet   to   hold   a   real   job   and   has   no degree   higher   than   a   high   school   diploma.   However,   the   reality   star   nets   an   impressive   $50 million   and   seems   to   be   financially   secure   for   life,   including   child   expenses.   

She has reportedly spent almost $70K on “baby accessories.” Although she seems to be financially prepared for motherhood, the   impact  her announcement  may   have on   teenagers   who   wish   to   follow   in her   footsteps remains unclear.   

Teens   may   want   to   get   pregnant   because   a   popular   young   figure   and   role   model has   done   the   same.   However,  many ignore the financial and social differences between themselves and their favorite celebrities. Jenner is a multimillionaire with a successful makeup company and an already-wealthy family. Many of her young fans, however, couldn’t say the same.    

Aside from financial obstacles, there are a host of other issues that come with teenage pregnancy. According to centers for disease control and prevention, teenage   mothers are  more   likely   to   develop   health   issues,   become   incarcerated   and   much   more   likely   to   drop out   of   high   school – learn these facts about pelvic congestion syndrom.   Just   about   50 percent   of   teenage   mothers   receive   a   high   school   diploma,   whereas 90 percent   of   female   teens   who   have   not   given   birth graduate   from   high   school.             

Mrs. Peifer, a Cherry Hill East health teacher,    believes   that   Kylie’s   life   will   change   drastically   after   giving   birth   to her   child.       

“[Kylie]   will   no   longer   be   able   to   sleep   through   the   night.   She may   have   to   give   up   some   of   the   things   she   enjoys   doing   to   take   care   of   her   newborn   child,” she said.

Other   common   questions   still   remain:   will   the   father   be   involved in the child’s life?  How  will   her   sisters and   family   help   support   Kylie during and after her pregnancy?  And, perhaps most importantly:   how   will   this   news   affect   teenagers   who   look   up   to her?