Jack’s Mannequin performs in Philadelphia



“If you left it up to me, everyday would be a holiday from real.”

While many people don’t know where these powerful words come from, those who do are sure that they a lyric from “Holiday From Real,” a song by Jack’s Mannequin.

On February 24, the California-based quartet, fronted by vocalist/pianist Andrew McMahon, graced the Philadelphia area by headlining a sold-out concert at the Electric Factory. The Electric Factory is a venue that, minus its balcony portion, is about the size of the DiBart Gym.

Joining Jack’s Mannequin were opening acts We Are The Fury, The Audition, and Head Automatica.

Toledo’s not-so-impressive We Are The Fury performed first.

The vocals could scarcely be heard.  There were more people in line to buy merchandise than there were in the mosh pit for We Are The Fury.  Also, they didn’t seem to get the crowd warmed up very well, because most people were just standing still, anticipating Jack’s arrival.

Next up was The Audition, from Chicago. Whether it was because their lyrics were more known or because the microphone was somewhat fixed, their vocals could be heard better. Unlike the first band, the crowd got into their music. It translated very well, if judging by the amount of movement that the crowd was emitting.

For the night, New York loaned Philadelphia Head Automatica. The microphones conducted poor sound quality once more. However, the crowd seemed to enjoy what they could hear, as was energetically shown during a few songs, including “Beating Hearts Baby.” But, the fact that band members were drinking water and spitting it onto the people in the mosh pit was distasteful.

Finally, Jack’s Mannequin came on stage, opening with “Holiday From Real.” Their vocals could be heard flawlessly, and the music was top notch. In addition to playing all tracks from their loan album, Everything in Transit, they covered The Everly Brothers’ “All I Have to Do Is Dream.” McMahon, who also fronts the band Something Corporate, played three of their songs, which both greatly surprised and pleased fans. Also played were the unreleased “Last Straw (Arizona)” and an original rendition of “La La Lie,” which is called “West Coast Winter.” This song was the namesake of the tour itself.

Perhaps the next time Jack’s comes around, their tickets will sell out even quicker.