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Interview with Fame cast member

dec31_naturiFame, a well renowned musical and movie, has been cinematically remade and will be available in theaters starting September 25. One lead character, Naturi Naughton, told us about the experience filming this new movie. Naughton, age 25, plays Denise, a trained pianist looking to become a singer. Prior to her debut in Fame, Naughton was part of the girl group 3LW, played Lil Kim in the movie NOTORIOUS, and also played Lil Inez from “Hairspray” on Broadway. The following is an interview with Naughton about her thoughts on the upcoming movie premier.


Q. What was your biggest fear having to put on such a well know musical/movie?

A. It was not the fear really, but the responsibility. You know you just have to do it right; you have to make it right so people don’t constantly compare. It was more just taking on that responsibility.

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Q. You were in another movie, Notorious. What’s the difference between a regular movie and a musical movie?

A. There are big differences. The difference is probably the performance scene. It takes a lot longer to shoot a musical. You are capturing dancing and singing. There’s a lot more to capture. You have to make sure you get it from the right angle too.


Q. You have been back and forth from singing in Hairspray for Broadway to some appearances on TV shows and then to movies. What do you like best?

A. I really like to use all my talents together. What I love right now and what I like best is acting. I can show more to me than just singing, which people have already seen me do in 3LW. 


Q. Did you talk to any of the original Fame actors?

A. I saw the original movie but, no, [I] didn’t meet or talk to any.


Q. Did you participate in school plays or other school activities?

A. I did a lot of school talent shows. Pretty much any absolute thing I could be on stage [in] I would participate.


Q. Did you take lessons for dance?

A. Yes, I went to dance school when I was eight and studied dance until I was 13. I took tap, jazz and ballet.


Q. Why should we go see this movie?

A. This movie is inspirational. It’s a modern take on what it takes to achieve fame.  People are caught up that celebrities are so great, but they don’t know that fame has a cost. They need to see the dirty side of it.


Q. You got to work with the well-known choreographer Debbie Allen, how was that?

A. She was a bunch of fun. I did meet her; she was great. She doesn’t play. She makes sure things are right. It was a big deal because she was like the base of Fame; I felt honored to be in her presence.

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