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House “The Softer Side”

House is in a good mood. Yes, it’s true. He takes a case without a fight and even firsts asks for permission to take Wilson’s bagel. This can only mean one thing: House and Cuddy have slept together. Wilson charges into Cuddy’s office to accuse her of this, but she knows nothing of the such. Which only means one other thing: House is keeping a secret from Wilson and Cuddy.

Jackson is a little boy who was not born a boy. Or a girl, for that matter. His parents chose to raise him as a male – he knows nothing of it. And now he is very sick, and no one knows why.

Cuddy realizes that House is in a really good mood, so she and Wilson go into his office to confront him. He is leisurely napping, so they tell him to stop faking and wake up. He does not, even after kicking his lounge chair. This is when they discover that House is not breathing. Eventually they wake him, and want immediate answers. The other doctors put two and two together and determine that House is on heroin. But soon after talking to him, Wilson finds out that House is not on heroin, but is on methadone, which completely eliminates his leg pain.

Cuddy confronts House and tells him he cannot take methadone with his addiction issues and practice medicine in her hospital, she won’t allow it. He tells her he’s quitting as simply as he might say “yes” to wanting an ice cream cone. Being pain free is more important that working.

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Adding downright creepy to happy, House has shaved, put on a suit, and picked a tie for a meeting with another hospital. Wilson approaches Cuddy and says they made a mistake: the methadone is good for him, he’s finally happy. Cuddy is still not so sure.
Meanwhile, Jackson is getting worse and worse, and the team diagnoses him with a fatal disease.

When he goes to pick up his letter of recommendation, House receives something else: a list of requirements to monitor his use of methadone. He is rehired.

In the end, Jackson’s case began with simple dehydration. The tests they ran – that House allowed because he was in a good mood – actually made Jackson sick. In a few weeks, he will be back to normal. Although, House won’t be happy anymore. He has decided to not take the methadone anymore because it conflicts his judgment.

Spoiler Alert!

Surprisingly, Foreman and Thirteen’s secret relationship that Taub and Kutner know about didn’t bother me today. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t absolutely hate it, either. So hopefully this will continue.

Happy House is quite a sight. It’s strange and abnormal, though, and the show would never be able to carry on with it. On the other hand, one or two more episodes with Happy House could have proved interesting.

Overall, “House” is definitely, and finally, on the right track. Our lupus treatment is working phenomenally.

Rating: B+

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