House “The Itch”

A severe agoraphobe makes treating his relentless stomach pain difficult for House’s team, as he refuses to leave his home. Allowing the team and Dr. Cameron into his home is difficult for the patient, as “outside people” make his pain worse. Sneaky House tells the patient that Dr. Chase will perform a necessary surgery in his home, but his plan is to sedate him and conduct the surgery at the hospital. Cameron, trying to be truthful, wakes the patient up before the operation begins, causing the patient to completely freak out, triggering blood to splatter all over the place and the operation to be cancelled. A lawyer becomes involved.
Meanwhile, Wilson learns of House and Cuddy’s kiss. He tried to analyze why it happened for House, but House is uninterested. Wilson also talks to Cuddy and learns that she has thought of a relationship with House, but knows it is not possible. Despite explaining some logical reasons why House and Cuddy should be together, House dismisses his best friend, telling him that he needs to get a girlfriend and to back-off.
House is extra-curious about Cameron and Chase’s relationship, and eventually causes a little wedge between them.
By the end of the episode, House discovers the true reason the patient is in such pain and cures him. Additionally, he blatantly tells the patient there is no reason to stay inside his home for the rest of his life. Within the last few minutes of “The Itch,” the patient leaves the confines of his home.

Spoiler Alert!




Cuddy and House, as a couple, seem impossible. The kiss was obviously just a way for the fans to get some relief from their years of waiting, but I just don’t see how they can incorporate a successful relationship into the show. That’s why it made so much sense for House to drive up to Cuddy’s house, walk to the door and leave before he even knocked. They will always come close, but until the show is done, I doubt they will be together, as it will probably ruin the dynamic of the show.
I really am confused by Wilson’s preoccupation about all of it, too. Why does he care so much? Sure, he’s House’s best friend, but surely there is more to the story.
Once again, this episode was not memorable. I was glad to see more of Cameron and Chase, but it seemed completely forced.

Until the writers get back to their perfect balance of House drama, patient issues and the integration of all team members, “House” will continue to be a weekly let down.
So much for thinking our lupus was cured.

Rating: C