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House “Simple Explanation”

This was “The. Most. Shocking. Episode. Of. House. Ever,” or at least that’s what the commercials said. Like most of the recent episodes of “House,” there were two simultaneous storylines for “Simple Explanation.” It began with a man, Eddie, who was on his deathbed. As he was saying goodbye to his wife, she began to choke. The peculiar thing is, as the wife’s condition gets worse and worse, the originally sick husband seems to be getting better.At the same time, Kutner is missing. Foreman and Thirteen head over to his apartment and really do find The. Most. Shocking. Thing. Ever. If you haven’t watched yet, stop reading this review right now as major plotline spoilers will arise in the very next sentence. At first when Foreman and Thirteen walk into the apartment, they don’t see anything. But, after a cursory glance, they spot Kutner surrounded in a pool of blood in his bedroom. He committed suicide.

Even though everyone is understandably upset, they decide to continue with their married couple, Charlotte and Eddie. Meanwhile, everyone but Taub goes to visit Kutner’s foster parents to break the news. House basically blames them as the reason for Kutner’s death, explaining that Kutner’s new last name conflicted him and made him lose his identity. Eventually, House realizes this was not the case, so he is still determined to solve the myster, as Kutner showed no signs of depression to anyone.

Eddie and Charlotte have more medical problems. In the end, it turns out that Eddie was misdiagnosed and his illness is treatable. However, Charlotte is not so lucky. She was diagnosed too late and cannot be saved.

Wilson suggests that House is so obsessed with the death, which he believes is a murder and not a suicide, not because he didn’t know what was going on, but because he does not know WHY Kutner did it. Neither House nor Taub go to the funeral.

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Spoiler Alert!


Monday night, as I watched this episode, I was extremely saddened by Kutner’s death. Kutner (Kal Penn) was easily the most liked new team member. He always provided a pun and was a good doctor. But, that was all Monday night. When I read on Tuesday morning that Kal Penn left the show in order to work for President Obama as the associate director in the White House’s Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs, I felt better about Penn no longer being on “House”. Even though at first I didn’t see how the actor and politics collided, I soon learned that Penn taught two courses at The University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and is currently working on his graduate degree in international security from Stanford University. I wish Kal Penn all the best in Washington and I hope all “House” fans feel the same.

Going back to the show itself, House’s idea that Kutner was murdered is interesting, but I’m not sure the theory holds water. In a way, I want that to be the case so House solves the mystery, as he does so well. But, at the same time, why is House trying to be a detective in a non-medical situation?

I’m not sure what will happen next, but I’m pretty certain it will involve some pretty intense season closers.

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