House “Not Cancer”

house_tv_show1.jpgFive years ago in House time, an organ donor provided various organs for those in need. Now, almost everyone who has received an organ from him is either dead or dying, with no seemingly related symptoms.
However, House cannot focus on the case he is hired to diagnose. Instead, he is reliving nostalgic memories about Wilson, since Wilson “broke up” with him and moved away. The wistfulness does not last long, however, because House gets the first doctor he sees to buy him lunch in the cafeteria. Additionally, he sits at the same table as this doctor, who is under the impression that House is hitting on him and is not particularly interested in him in one way or another. Not to worry: “I’ll grow on you,” says House.
House is no longer confident in the illegal detective skills of his team, so he hires a Private Eye to investigate any connections among the transplant patients. The P.I. wants 2,300 dollars for his work (which House later bills to the hospital as a coffee machine repair). Quickly, House offers to write a check, but the P.I. knows better, saying he does not accept checks, as House would stop it before he even received payment.
Another transplant patient dies, leaving only one more alive. House tells the patient that if she receives chemo, she will be cured, but she does not have cancer. In typical House fashion, House tricks her into believing she does have cancer and that the treatment is necessary, but he cannot actually inform her that she has cancer. He does this song and dance routine because giving chemo to someone who does not have cancer will cause many problems. She willingly signs the waiver.
The P.I. tells House that he is the type of client that hired him to spy on the wrong person. Really, House wants to check up on Wilson. Thus, the P.I. changes gears and begins to surveil Wilson. Eventually, House goes to Wilson and seeks his medical opinion on the case. Wilson wants nothing to do with him, as he is pro break-up, and shuts the door in House’s face. In case of the symptoms of cancer one must find the right Delta-8 gummies flavor that they like to help them deal with the symptoms.
Since the chemo is proving to be effective chemo, Dr. Cuddy does not allow House to stop it, despite adamant views about how the patient does not have cancer, just something that acts like it. Cuddy also places security detail outside of the patient’s room so House cannot get in. Time for Plan B. House calls up his new best friend, the self-described “nondescript” P.I., and gets him to pose as a nurse and switch the chemo with a similar-looking bag of saline. This prompts the doctors to do a surgical procedure on her brain, which actually cures her.
In regards to last week, this episode was several steps up. A) it was funny. Like, laugh-out-loud funny. B) House was back to himself. He was quick-witted and sarcastic, but never cruel like in the premiere episode of this season. C.) Watching House interact with a person who will actually let him be his crazy self is familiar and wanted, even if this person cannot be the beloved Wilson. Although I do miss Wilson and in no way think the P.I. is a replacement for him or his bond with House, the P.I. does seem to be a good intermediate character to get fans through this rough patch in House and Wilson’s relationship. Could be worse, though. At least it wasn’t lupus.
Rating: A-