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House “Lucky Thirteen”

Dr. Hadley, “13,” is in a reckless stage of her life now that she has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. She stays out all night, does drugs and brings home strange women whom she’s never met before. All’s fine and dandy until one “date” starts seizing during the wee hours of the morning. She is admitted into Princeton-Plainsboro.

House is completely disinterested in the patient until he learns that she has a romantic relationship with 13, which then prompts him to grill both women to learn more. Dr. Hadley is convinced the patient is faking, but then the patient crashes, disproving 13’s theory. While snooping in 13’s apartment for clues to the case, Foreman finds a paper that indicates that 13 only has about a decade of life left, as her Huntington’s is advancing. No other person knows this.

Because she didn’t show up to a differential, and is under the influence of drugs, 13 is fired from House’s team. She tries to find a ticket back, but House refuses to rehire her.

Wilson is acting strange and seems to be lying to House, so House enlists the help of good ol’ private eye Lucas. Lucas finds evidence that Wilson is using drugs. House confronts Wilson, as he knows the drugs are a set-up. Wilson confesses that he has a secret relationship with a former prostitute.

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When House discovers that the patient is unable to cry when she is told she has ten years to live, he realizes they made the wrong diagnosis, as no tears are a symptom of shogun’s disease. The patient is saved, per usual.

Additionally, House recalls Wilson’s bluff, causing him to spill the beans about his strange behavior, giving a very unexpected answer.

Spoiler Alert!

Is it just me, or is “House” pretty bad this year? Last week showed promise, but this week is definitely not up to par, an obvious new theme this season. The episodes are lifeless and have no soul, and are thus extremely boring to watch. It’s yawn after yawn after yawn (after yawn).

The plotlines are generally thin this season. “Ooh, since 13 is dying, let’s make her a reckless lesbian! We‘ll fire her, teach her a lesson, and then bring her back! That’s a grand idea! ” say the writers and producers. No. It’s a terrible idea that doesn’t add to the story of the show at all. If anything, it only typecasts Olivia Wilde, who also played a lesbian on “The OC.”

Another pointless storyline is Wilson’s. “Let’s have him break up his bromance with House, then come back and act mysterious. We’ll have him lie to House about dating a prostitute when he’s actually helping Cuddy adopt a baby! Flawless plan!” Absolutely not. While I’m really happy for Cuddy because she’s been trying to have a baby for a few seasons now, I just don’t see how Wilson can really add to that plot.
And, seriously, what’s with Foreman asking Chase out of the blue if he’s “boring?” Is that really necessary for anything? Will Foreman try to be more adventurous and spontaneous now? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, either, as he’s one of the only voices of reason right now.
Honestly, maybe lupus would have been better this time.

Rating: C-

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