Heroes “Trust and Blood”

In a possible attempt to mimic ABC’s arguably most popular series, “Lost”, “Trust and Blood’ begins with a plane crash in a nondescript location. Nathan’s men, including Bennet, are hunting all their prisoners (our heroes). But they are doing everything they can to escape. Rockets are sent to completely destroy any remains of the plane.
Hiro, Matt and Mohinder find an abandoned trailer and change out of their jumpsuits. Matt draws images of the future, including Hiro in India and Daphne, injured, at the scene of the crash. Matt runs back to save her despite being told not to.
Sylar threatens to torture a family in front of one of Nathan’s generals, in front of the general himself, who is tied to a chair and gagged. All that the general has to do is tell Sylar where his father is, but he keeps lying, and Sylar has the ability to know that now. In an almost unexpected turn of events, the son, Luke, has an ability and tries to stand up to Sylar to protect his mother. “Small world,” says Sylar about the coincidence. Later on, Luke will help Sylar, perhaps about to become an apprentice of sorts.
Meanwhile, an attempt to rescue the kidnapped heroes goes terribly awry, resulting in the shooting of Daphne, the capture of Claire and the out-of-control murdering of Nathan’s men by one of his own, who was mind-controlled by Matt. Except, Claire has a safety net thanks to a deal made by Bennet and Nathan. She is sent home to live as normal a life as possible.
Tracy, who claims to know how Nathan thinks, calls him up. She offers to give him Peter in exchange for having her old life returned. But that doesn’t happen at all, and she becomes Nathan’s number one victim.
Spoiler Alert!
When I first saw last week’s preview for this episode, I was concerned it was going to be just like “Lost”. But, to my delight, the only thing these two shows have in common is one plane crash.
I’m really liking the fact that Sylar is no longer a lone wolf. He needs company just like everyone else. However, I guess I’m a little concerned that Luke can harm the other Heroes…I definitely don’t want that to happen.
Does Daphne getting shot mean she’s dead? Because I think it does, and that’s sad because she and Matt were truly in love. On the other hand, this new fighting-back “we won’t take this lying down” plan is intriguing me to no end.
Quote of the week: “We bring the fight to them. With everything we’ve got.” – Matt, to Hiro and Peter, discussing their plans to fight for what’s right
Rating: A