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Heroes “The Eclipse – Part II”

Where Part I ends, Part II must begin. Claire is rushed to the hospital, where doctors inform Sandra that her daughter has a whole-system infection. Bennet is still after Sylar and Elle, and manages to shoot Elle. Mohinder is painfully enforced by Arthur and Flint to research why the Eclipse takes away their powers. Daphne, at her father’s house, reveals to Matt that she has leg braces because she has cerebral palsy.

Ando and Hiro are still at the comic book store run by Sam (Seth Green) and Frak (Breckin Myer). Sam doesn’t understand why two men who look just like the characters in 9th Wonders! are at his store. “What? You think I hired these guys?” Frank asks. Hiro and Ando realize they can use the back issues of 9th Wonders! to catch 10-year-old mindset Hiro up on all he has experience. They buy all of them when Sam yells at them, stating the store wasn’t a library.

Bennet finally catches Sylar in a moment of powerless weakness and eliminates him rather graphically with a box cutter. Meanwhile, Claire dies in the hospital. But, since “Heroes” is just like “Alias” in the sense that just because you see a character die, it doesn’t mean they’re dead, the Eclipse vanishes and both characters are revived.

Thus, Sylar and Elle return to the Bennet house to finish what they started. Learning from the comics, Hiro grabs “bad man’ Sylar and “sav[e]s the cheerleader,” ending a very close call among the characters involved.

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In a shocking twist, Sylar reveals to Elle that he’s “…never going to change. Neither are you. Because we’re both damaged goods,” before he demonstrates to her that, contrary to her belief, he has not changed.

Spoiler Alert!

Seth Green and Breckin Myer really do add a whole new level to the show, even if they are only playing lowly comic book store clerks. They are hilarious. Not to mention that Green’s hair/beard combination makes him look like a redhead Morgan Grimes on “Chuck” (definitely a helping, not hurting, quality to the comedic aspect). Sam and Frak, with their little comic-book lingo, trying to help Hiro and Ando was a nice touch. And, I’m glad to finally know who the illustrator of 9th Wonders is – apparently Isaac Mendez was very advanced in his copies. Finding the bike messenger to whom the last issue was “bequeathed,” as Sam so nicely said, should be amusing.

Mohinder’s scaly skin is getting grosser and grosser by the episode, which is aggravating me to no end. We need to see more “constants” other than random members of the Bennet family.

Speaking of family, I really do think it’s absolutely imperative for Molly, Micah and Monica to return as quickly as possible. I miss my “M’s!”

Line of the Week: “Best. Day. Ever.” – Hiro, buying ever issue of 9th Wonders! AND – Sam, observing Hiro traveling through time and space

Rating: A

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