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Heroes “I Am Sylar”

This week’s episode shows us what happened in D.C. while our heroes were in Coyote Sands last week. Adult Matt calls Janice to see if she is okay. She is, so baby Matt is going home, but Matt makes a vow to not miss the baby’s childhood. Sylar is having an identity crisis with all of his shifting, but understands he must remain looking like an agent if he wants to live. Although he does comply to Danko’s reasoning, Sylar still shifts back to himself to simulate a trusting confidant to another person with abilities, right before Sylar kills him. As Sylar shifts, parts of him – like an extra tooth and eye color – do not return back to normal for a while.

The plan-less Hiro and Ando are still trying to save the day by breaking into Isaac Mendez’s highly secure loft to get information. They argue a little because Ando believes Hiro doesn’t see his power as an equal. When agents barge in, Hiro stops time to protect himself and Ando. Hiro does something unthinkable to Ando, but then they need to work together to escape.

Meanwhile, Danko is on the hunt for Rebel, and has located him. He enlists his team and “Agent Taub” to locate him. Sylar finds him first and they have an interesting conversation. Normally their conversation would mean nothing, but because Sylar had a hallucinated chat with his dead mother first, he found special meaning to talk first. Danko believes Rebel is dead.

We see that Sylar shifts into his mother, which is how he is able to converse with her. He explains the circumstances of her death (remember, Sylar killed her) and advises himself on what to do through her.

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At the same time, Matt take little Matt back. Everything seems A-OK until Matt realizes they are being watched at Janice’s house. All three of them must relocate immediately. But before they officially leave, Matt realizes he must fight the agents if he ever wants to live happily ever after.

 Spoiler Alert!

Whoa! When Sylar agreed to work with Danko, we all knew that wouldn’t work out. Sylar is a loner – he wants to be alone because he works best alone. After all, he only really cares about himself and plans accordingly. Having the conversations with his dead mother was interesting, especially since it left him with the idea of wanting to become president.

I’ve never been a fan of Nathan Petrelli. I liked his wife and sons, though, but they are long gone now. Therefore, it’s strange that I actually care a little bit that Danko killed him. But even more important is the fact that Danko also tried to kill Sylar and was unsuccessful. Does this mean Sylar is immortal somehow?

Stay tuned for the intense-looking season finale next Monday.

Line of the Week: “I don’t like being a nothing.” – Sylar, to Danko, about needing to be Agent Taub to throw off the government; and “Get the hell outta my body.” – Nathan, to Sylar, who shapeshifted into Nathan for personal reasons

Rating: A+

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