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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Heroes “Building 26”

Claire’s back at home, but this time home is not comforting and safe. She’s forced to lie to her mother and brother, Lyle – Bennet’s orders. The new plan is for Claire to attend Costa Verde Community College, starting Monday. Meanwhile, Claire is receiving texts from “Rebel”, presumably someone from our Heroes camp, instructing her on how to save other people with abilities. This time she needs to warn Alex, at a comic book store, that someone is after him.

She has trouble convincing him to leave, and is even more panicked when that “someone” enters, because it’s her dad.
But that’s a tiny problem compared to what Nathan’s got going on. A new official, Abby (Moira Kelly, “One Tree Hill”), is brought into his “program” and does not like what she sees. She is unfamiliar with people who have abilities and demands to see Nathan’s one prisoner – Tracy, whom she actually knows. She decides the entire program needs to be shut down immediately for these inhuman tactics.

Sylar and Luke are still on the journey to find Sylar’s biological father. Sylar discovers that his dad sold him for money as a child. While at a diner on a pit stop, Sylar gives Luke some advice, including “don’t be emotional because emotions make you sloppy and always know your endgame.” After this, Luke is feeling kind and writes down Sylar’s father’s address that he was formerly withholding. Nathan’s men somehow find them at the diner and a quiet escape isn’t possible. When he gets the chance, Sylar leaves Luke behind and Nathan‘s men shoot him. He isn’t necessary anymore.

Spoiler Alert!

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Guys…Sylar did a good thing! That’s remarkable and almost unbelievable. When they showed the truck backing up out of the diner, stopping abruptly and shaking, I initially thought it was Luke’s doing. But I was pleasantly surprised that Sylar came back to save him, even if he says otherwise.

But, I suppose this is to balance out perspectives, one of Nathan’s men did set Tracy up for an escape, just so she could attempt to do so and utilize her powers in front of Abby. After Abby saw Tracy kill a man by freezing and crushing him, she needed no other information: not only is Nathan’s program back on, they will receive proper funding now.

This new guy, Alex, who can breathe under water…so far, I like him. But, I am a little upset about him because he reminds me of a very dorky West, and since we never got closure with West, it’s very bittersweet. It was also very predictable that Alex would be staying at the Bennet House, but I think I’m okay with that.

What was unpredictable, on the other hand, was the ending. When Bennet’s vision began to blur and fuzzy figures approached him, I thought for sure it would be Nathan’s men. I was shocked, in a good way, to see it was Peter, Matt and Suresh. I seriously can’t wait until next week when we discover Bennet’s true colors once and for all.

Quote of the week: “…when destiny calls, you answer the phone!” – Hiro, to Ando

Rating: A++

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