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Heroes “An Invisible Thread”

While driving away from the diner, Angela dreams that Nathan is in trouble. Similarly, Bennet foresees their own troublesome situation and prevents getting caught by being two steps ahead of the agents.

Going back to Sylar, we learn that that he moved the “off switch” in the back of his head after becoming a shape shifter. He reveals to Danko that his plan is to shake the president’s hand, which will allow him to become the most powerful person in the world. Using his quick mind, Sylar creates a situation that will eliminate Danko from the equation completely, so Danko will never cause another problem or setback. He uses his ability to know the history of anything he touches to learn Nathan’s history.

Meanwhile at Building 26, Hiro and Ando are still trying to discover a way to freeze time so they can dismantle the projects going on there. Danko, whom everyone assumes is Sylar, is stuck into a cell with self-sacrificing Bennet. Clever Bennet tries to make a deal and work with Danko. Hiro succeeds in his plan and upon rescuing Mohinder, he learns that he should not stop time again or he must suffer the consequences.

After Nathan finally wakes up from what turned out to be some kind of tranquilizer from Danko, Peter arrives and they head to the Capitol to take down Sylar. Nathan reveals his secret ability to select security guards. They go up to Sylar’s room and Claire is thrown out into the hallway. An electrical fight ensues and Sylar and Nathan fly out the window. Angela and Matt come to save Nathan to prevent Angela’s dream, but they are too late. However, with Bennet’s help they create a shocking and unfathomable Plan B, and execute it, to lead us into Volume Five: Redemption, which takes place six weeks after Volume Four.             

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Spoiler Alert!

Zachary Quinto better be nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe or SAG award or SOMETHING this year. I can think of no other actor who plays one of the vilest and uncompassionate characters on television whom I still adore. Even worse, the more Sylar kills someone, the more I love him. If that is not the definition of “talented”, I don’t know what is. Seriously, Sylar slit Nathan’s throat – an interesting change from the usual skull slicing – and I smiled. Yeah, he’s that good. BUT! The fact that Sylar is pseudo-killed off is endlessly depressing. However, since they did show “Nathan” hearing the clock, I do have reasonable doubt that convincing Sylar that he is Nathan will backfire – probably terribly.

As for Nathan, seriously! Why won’t he die?! He’s the most uninteresting character and yet they keep him around season after season. It’s horrible.

Bennet lying to his family will be a tough burden for him, but since his intent is to protect them it should work out.

I hope Hiro’s headaches and spontaneous bleeding while using his powers subside.

Even though this episode was good, it was by no means a great season finale. Yes, it opened lots of new doors (like showing Tracy alive again) and closed old ones (like the Danko plotline), but even though transforming Sylar into Nathan is a big deal, it’s not nearly as big as an exploding Peter over New York City. Here’s hoping that season four will be exquisite.


Line of the Week: “Oh, you can die. I’ll make sure of it.” – Claire, to Sylar, while he is telling her their similarities

Rating: B+

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