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Heroes “1961”

The gang is back at Coyote Sands. A flashback shows 1961, when Angela, her parents and her sister, Alice, came to Coyote Sands Relocation Center to remove Angela’s “nightmares’. Young Charles Deveau, Linderman and Bishop were also there. In the present, Angela informs everyone that her family died here. Everyone who survived founded The Company. They erased memories and killed to protect their secrets, and it worked for 50 years. Angela suggests they return to the old methods – “necessary evils” – but Peter disagrees and flies off.

Another flashback shows the familiar group discovering that they were all different. They also realize that the guards are not for protection, but to keep them inside the “camp”. Angela has a frightening dream and informs the boys to stay away from Dr. Chandra Suresh. Alice shares a secret with Angela. Ramifications of her secret severely affect the present.

One night in 1961, Angela and the boys plan to sneak out. Alice cannot come with them, so Charles tells Angela to lie to her. She does. This lie will haunt her in the present.

The whole Petrelli clan, including Noah, eat dinner at a diner and agree to not be a company, but a family. All seems well until Nathan is on TV giving a live press conference…only he’s sitting at the table with them, which can only mean one thing: Sylar will interfere with all their plans.

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Spoiler Alert!


 “Heroes” fans have waited three years for this episode, for the story of Angela’s past. I really do love the effect that black and white has on the flashback scenes. But more importantly, learning of Angela’s past has really helped us to understand why she does the things she does. For example, we FINALLY know that she steals socks because Alice never had any. The actress who was cast as young Angela was absolutely superb. During all of her scenes I always saw the adult Angela.

Discovering Alice had the ability to control the weather brought a new meaning to “Mother Nature”. But even more stunning is the fact that Alice is still alive, and no longer trusts Angela after believing her lie for 50-plus years. I have a feeling that this is not the last we’ve seen of Alice, and she will play an important role in season four.

Oh, Sylar. He WOULD ruin the perfect Petrelli family moment at the diner. All I can say is with two episodes left, whatever he’s up to is sure to leave us wondering, gasping, and in all likelihood, screaming at our TVs. I can’t wait!

 Line of the Week: “I have to believe that there is hope for redemption.” Mohinder, to Peter

Rating: A++

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