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Gossip Girl “The Goodbye Gossip Girl”

The time of year has come which only brings tears and smiles to Upper East Siders… graduation. The Class of 2009 is graduating, but there is always gossip on the horizon.

With Serena still the head of Gossip Girl’s agenda, she is determined to find out who the source of all evil truly is. Although, when desperately trying to find the girl (or boy) in charge, she hits a dead end and realizes that she’ll always be gossip-worthy.

After Blair tells Chuck one final time that she is not weak, like Gossip Girl said, she tells him that she loves him and is willing to be with him. As she begins crying, he walks away and she is left with a broken heart. But, it only gets better. After a week has passed, Chuck walks back into Blair’s life, handing over her favorite things from around the world while professing his love. This is the ultimate happiest ending for the couple.

Aside from the adorable pair, Lily and Rufus are back on and better than ever. He asked her to marry him, but with no ring in reach, he takes some paper and folds it onto her finger. They are another great couple to have in the finale episode.

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After graduation, Serena has decided to travel for the summer, but is she really going to where she says she’s going? Before getting into the limo, she receives word of her father’s whereabouts and seems to be tracking him down.

Now that Blair is no longer queen at high school, she has to transfer the power to a new girl. With some contenders, she chooses Jenny. With this new queen, though, come new rules. Jenny wants to change how the system is run and hopefully break the mold of what has been going on for the previous years at Constance.
As for finales, this was definitely sure to please. Chuck and Blair and Lily and Rufus are finally together, which I’ve been rooting for all season. Also, next season will be very interesting to see, because Jenny will rule the school while the other characters we know and love are in college in several different states. Serena has some searching to do and I wonder if she’ll have a confrontation with her biological father. Only time will tell. Now it is time to wait for fall 2009 for some answers.

Goodbye. XoXo, Gossip Girl.

SPOTTED: Rating for: “The Goodbye Gossip Girl”: A+

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