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Gossip Girl “Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

As the recession makes its way into the Humphrey household, Nate and Blair are living it up. After Dan hears from Vanessa that his father cannot financially support his education at Yale, Jenny and Dan still want to make him happy and buy him an engagement ring to give to Lily.

Since traffic will disrupt the lives of Blair and Nate while at college, Nate decides to lease an apartment halfway between Colombia University and New York University where the couple can stay. Although, as the episode comes near a close, Blair learns that Nate’s jealousy of Chuck was a prime factor behind the leasing of the one-bedroom oasis. Their commitment to one another overpowers their issues, and the two are very excited for their future.

Serena’s new man, Gabriel, has more up his sleeve than previously known. He is going against Serena and dating Poppy, his supposed ex-girlfriend, and gaining money for his business from both of them. Finally, Serena seems to be catching onto his devilish ways, and makes her way over to confront him, only to realize he has fled his room.

Georgina returns, apparently acting as though she found herself while undergoing a huge transformation. Although, with the arrival of Chuck, she seems to want to find her evil side and head back to the city and stir things up.

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Rufus Humphrey is doing everything he can to protect his children and provide them with a flourishing future, but little does he know that his money may all be taken. Where will this put him, Dan and Jenny? Will they rely on Lily’s money after all?

As happy as Blair and Nate seem to be, will they really have a happily ever after? Hopefully he brings more to the relationship other than an apartment. Also, I have hopes that Serena finds a new man, one that brings her joy, rather than lies. I also predict that maybe Dan and Vanessa start a relationship, and if not, maybe a new character to be introduced to the love polygon? Only time will tell.


XoXo, Gossip Girl

SPOTTED: Rating for “Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”: B+

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