Gossip Girl “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

Life and death is a cycle that always continues to change lives. Last week, I predicted that Bart’s accident was only a test to Lily, but I was wrong. Bart has died and this has only changed people for the worst. Chuck is now room-bound and miserable. He lashes out at Dan because he thinks Rufus is the reason Bart was in the car going to see Lily. Had he not been in driving to talk to her, he would not have been in the car accident. By the end, Blair confesses her true love for Chuck, but he rushes off in a limo. Ultimately, he comes back before once again leaing, saying he is not worth the trouble.

Lily knows that she loves Rufus, and they have finally planned a trip together for the holidays. Although, Bart knew Lily’s one secret, and now the private investigator is selling it to the highest bidder, which happens to be Chuck. Lily’s mother, CeCe, also knows this scandalous secret and feels the need to tell Rufus.

Serena has decided to go to Buenos Aires with Aaron even though she still has feelings for Dan. Will this vacation strengthen their relationship? Only time will tell.

An exciting occasion occurs for the Waldorf’s when Eleanor decides to marry Cyrus the day after Bart’s funeral. Their quaint ceremony, which takes place in their home, is simple yet magical. Blair confides in her new stepfather, which strengthens their relationship.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this episode. I was at the edge of my seat and so excited for there to be a joyous ceremony. I was so happy that Chuck came back to Blair, but now that he left again, I am very disappointed. Also, I’m guessing that Lily had a child she kept from Rufus, which will only cause drama between the two. Their lives are never content and now another shake-up may cause a final separation. Lastly, Jenny is getting her life back in order, and I wonder if any new relationships are on the rise. The show does not return until January 5th, but that episode seems like another winner.Be back in 3 weeks. XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”: A