Gossip Girl “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Winter brings not only frigid weather, but cold shoulders as well. Jenny learns of Vanessa’s betrayal and decides to publically humiliate her. With the help of her old “friends” from school, she gets Vanessa to wear a sheer dress that shows more than sparkly embellishments.
The Snowflake Ball is organized by the PTA, which includes both Lily and Rufus. Passion ignites between the two when Lily admits to Rufus that she will be leaving Bart. She is both upset and angry, waiting to hear why Rufus never stopped her from marrying into the Bass family. At the end of the episode, she receives a mysterious restricted call that says Bart got into an accident.

Blair and Chuck decide to find each other dates to the Ball in hopes of making their dynamic more interesting. In the end, their dates like one another, putting Blair and Chuck back to square one. Luckily, Chuck still seems to love Blair and asks her for a dance.

Serena and Aaron are a little shaky when his ex-girlfriend, Lexi, arrives in town. Lexi immediately spots Dan and falls for him quickly. The four double date and Dan takes her to the Ball. Serena learns that Lexi typically “extends herself” to men on the first date to test the relationship, which puts everyone in an awkward position.

Personally, I loved this episode. After all this time, I was thrilled to see Lily and Rufus together. Although they did not instantly say their “I Love You’s”, they did admit their true feelings. Also, the accident that Bart got into does not seem entirely true. Maybe he is testing Lily’s loyalty and seeing how she will react. I second guessed this thought, but in the previews there was no scene showing him in a hospital or with bruises.

Also, Aaron and Serena have seemed to hit a wall and there does not appear to be a mutual connection. I am very proud of Jenny for standing up for herself against her old friends, but she still needs to grow up. Lastly, I am very interested to see what happens next week with all these new complex relationships.

SPOTTED: Rating for “It’s A Wonderful Life”: A