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Gossip Girl “Carrnal Knowledge”

New twists and turns have been brought to attention, all revolving around Miss Rachel Carr, the new teacher at Constance. It all started with her students calling her by her first name, followed by meeting them outside class, which only escalated into the new drama surrounding Dan. Other than meeting at restaurants over coffee, he seems to have a loss of breath when explaining his run-ins with her, only showing signs of flirtation.

Blair is still out for revenge, so after she is finished with her community service hours the school learns of a new rule to ban cell phone use. The leader, of course Rachel, only causes the student body to defend Blair’s payback. Blair then decides to mischievously text Gossip Girl about a “student-teacher relationship” between Rachel and Dan, only to cause more dilemmas.

As much of a lie it is, there does seem to be some tension between Rachel and Dan, and Serena notices it as well. After the on-and-off-again couple confront each other, they decide it’s best to let their parents be the ones in love, and officially call it quits. Although, it is sad, they do seem to be better apart.

Much of the focus is on Blair, Serena, Dan and Rachel, but Chuck discovers new information about his father. After an invitation arrives, he is whisked away to an underground society, only known about by political leaders. He falls for a girl named Elle, and after she leaves saying the invitation was meant for his father, not Chuck, she goes missing. This storyline is intriguing, only to cause more controversy for Bass Industries.

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As the PTA meets to discuss the consequences of Blair’s lie about Rachel and Dan, she gets unreliable proof, showing Dan caressing Rachel’s face. Rachel is fired from Constance Billard, and Blair’s future looks promising once again.

As the episode comes to a close, Dan still feels the need to visit Rachel and apologize for her departure from the school. However, his apology turns into a kiss which leads to much more than anyone thought could happen. Now that Rachel is no longer employed by the school, she is in unchartered waters. Little does she know, Constance Billard wants to re-hire her in order to save its reputation. Could this put an end to their fling? Only time will tell.

In my opinion, this episode was very good. I thought there was good balance of drama and new creative storylines. I am very interested to see what happens with Dan and Rachel because, although she was a teacher, they seem to work as a couple. Chuck has also discovered something interesting about his father’s personal life and I wonder how this will affect his new position as company leader. Unfortunately, the show is not on next week, so we will all be on the edges of our seats to find out what happens when it returns.XoXo.

SPOTTED: Rating for “Carrnal Knowledge”: A

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