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Heroes “The Butterfly Effect”

Literally, the last time we saw our favorite heroes was nine months ago. Nathan Petrelli was just about to declare that “special people” (i.e. those with abilities) exist on live television, when he was suddenly shot in the chest. The show picked up four years in the future, where Claire, who now has long brown hair as opposed blond, is about to shoot her uncle, Peter. It seems as though in this future world, Heroes are hunted down so their abilities can be tested to the fullest extent. Then, some are even slaughtered. Peter stops time to prevent being shot and travels to present day to shoot his brother, Nathan, in order to thwart the future he lives in. 

Skeptically, Nathan dies. However, a few moments later, he is magically cured. Upon his rebirth he heads to the hospital chapel, where he thanks God. “We could be angels,” he subtly says of people with abilities. “We’re all here to do God’s bidding.” 

Future Peter (FP) is trying to save his future single handedly. However, by changing one thing, everything else is modified as well. For example, when Nathan was headed to the hospital, Claire called present-day Peter to inform him that if Nathan, her biological father, were given her blood, he would be healed. Peter tells Claire to stay where she is. Because she does this, Sylar gets to her. Sylar, in an attempt to obtain Claire’s power of cellular regeneration, cuts off the top of her skull. He closely examines her brain, a part of his power procuring procedure that is usually left out. A terrified Claire asks if he is going to eat it. Comedically, Sylar responds, “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.” 

Instead, he removes nerve endings from her brain and seals up her skull. He is not going to kill Claire because she can never die. Now, Claire cannot even feel pain, thus making her feel inhuman. 

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Additionally, upon discovering that Matt knows FP, who morphed to look like present-day Peter (PDP) is, indeed, FP. To get Matt out of his hair so he can “fix” things, FP sends Matt to a random desert in Africa, where there is no sign of life for miles. 

Mohinder, on the other hand, sends Molly away for safety reasons. Maya still wants Mohinder to cure her of her deadly power. However, Mohinder discovers a way to manipulate the gene so that he can inject it to “normal people” to give them superhuman abilities. Despite telling Maya he will destroy the syringe, he injects himself instead, giving him the power of heightened senses and super strength. This new power brings about a new sense of confidence, and ironically a new look: straighter hair and no shirt. 

Furthermore, we learn that FP trapped PDP in a body of a villain locked up in Level 5, a place where the most powerful, most evil “heroes” are kept. FP morphs PDP to look like the prisoner, so no one suspects anything out of the ordinary. Angela Petrelli’s, Nathan and Peter’s mother, power is finally revealed as well: she dreams of the future. 

With the death of Hiro’s father behind him, Hiro is feeling worthless. However, a pre-recorded DVD message from his father brightens his spirits: he is to protect a secret in his father’s safe. Instead of leaving it where it is, he opens the safe to find half a formula that can do much damage if in the wrong hands. Naturally, a new character named Daphne, a speedster, stops by and steals the formula right from Hiro’s hands, not even thirty seconds after it was removed from the safe.  Hiro declares Daphne his nemesis, as she has one of the only powers that can truly compete with his, as she does not freeze when he stops time. 

Last season, Nikki Sanders was left in a burning building. Last night, we learned that while Nikki did not make it out, a new persona of hers, Tracy Strauss, did. Does Tracy have a power? You betcha. She can turn anything into ice. 

Towards the end of “The Butterfly Effect,” Sylar travels to Level 5 while on his killing spree. He has just killed Bob, Elle’s father and the leader of The Company. Furious, Elle journeys to Level 5 in an attempt to stop Sylar, once and for all. However, Sylar gets to her first. He begins to cut open her brain to retrieve her power of electric shocks, when she sets off an electric explosion. The good news? Elle survives Sylar. The bad news? All of the Level 5 detainees have escaped and are now on the loose. The better news? Sylar is captured. 

Due to Bob’s death, Angela Petrelli is now the head of The Company. Her first order of business is firing Elle, who has literally worked for The Company her whole life. The cliffhanger ending was especially flabbergasting, as it is revealed that Angela Petrelli is Sylar’s mother. 

These two episodes were a great start to Heroes’ third season and volume, entitled “Villains.” However, I did have some issues with it. For starters, I still cannot stand Maya. Except, this season, my patience with her is growing even thinner. Last season, she had an accent. This season, she barely does. It’s a little thing called consistency, and it should certainly be maintained in order to achieve spectacular television. 

Also, I’m not crazy about separating the “M” Family (Matt, Mohinder, and Molly). I honestly think that they are the cutest and most compatible, despite unconventional, family on television and no longer exist. Molly, who is the coolest little girl, ever, and who has the ability to find anyone in the world just by thinking about them, is sent away. Where, we don’t know. Sure, I know it is for safety reasons, but that makes me uncomfortable because she is not directly looked after by any of the Heroes now. What I’m also not loving is Mohinder’s newfound powers. I personally liked, and thought it necessary, for Mohinder to be a constant, someone who was integral to the show but who does not have any powers of his own. And seriously, I do not understand why Matt had to be dropped off in some desert. Molly misses him! And I miss him with Molly! Not to mention that Mohinder and Matt were the best dads in the world, and now that is shot to pieces. 

Although I’m very upset that Nikki Sanders is no more, as it leaves Micah an orphan, I must admit that Tracy Strauss’ ice power is pretty awesome, and definitely unexpected. 

As with every episode of Heroes, these two left us with tons of questions. Whatever happened to West? Why were Micah and Monica not featured in the premiere episodes? How is it possible that Angela Petrelli is Sylar’s mother, if we saw him murder his mother back in season one? How can the heroes save the future? Who will turn evil this season, and who will remain good?

Rating: B

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