“Finding Dory” swimming to a theater near you!

In 2003, Disney/Pixar released the extremely popular animated film “Finding Nemo.” For the past 10 years, audiences around the world have been inquiring about a possible sequel arriving on the big screen.

On the Disney/Pixar official Facebook page, the company finally announced that the follow-up to the 2003 story is scheduled to arrive in November 2015.

Called “Finding Dory,” the focus of the movie will clearly be on Dory, the entertainingly oblivious Regal Blue Tang voiced by TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres confirmed her return on Twitter, where she uploaded a photo containing a snippet of the sequel’s art along with the description, “it’s official.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, both Nemo and his father, Marlin, will return alongside other major characters in the last film.

“Finding Dory” is said to pick up about a year after the end of “Finding Nemo,” and parts of the animated film will occur off of the California Coast.

Get ready because Nemo—along with a handful of his family and friends—will eventually be swimming to a theater near you!