Dubsmash allows users to play with sound


Courtesy of techcrunch.com

Through Dubsmash, users have the opportunity to create, save and share their favorite sounds.

Amanda Seligman, Eastside Staff

Dubsmash is an app that is on the rise and continuing to get bigger. Dubsmash is used for entertainment purposes and not for social media. This app has a variety of categories ranging from reality television quotes to pick up lines. It is also very easy to use and can be very amusing.

To start off, the user must click on the app. Once the app opens, the user is immediately taken to a screen with a variety of dubs they can choose from. The app allows the user to scroll through all the different categories and click on the sounds to hear if the sound is appealing. Once the user picks the sound, he or she is taken to a video screen where he or she has the option to click “play.” Once the user presses play he or she can lip-sync the sound of the dub that he or she chose. Depending on the sound itself, a lot of the dub smashes come out very funny and are used for entertainment. Once the Dubsmash is over, the user can save the Dubsmash to the automatic folder named “my dubs.”

Dubsmash is also considered to be a video messaging app. This app is not only very appealing to the eye, but it is also very colorful. People can use this app for entertainment and can even enjoy using it with a friend. The app also allows the user to favorite any sound that he or she enjoys most, and it keeps a record of those sounds so that they can be easily found.

The app also provides the most trending sounds, which appear at the top of the app right when the user opens it. Dubsmash is a free app that can link to the camera roll, Facebook and the user’s phone messages so that the video could be sent via text message.

This app is beginning to become more popular, as well as entertaining to people of all ages. Some of the sounds that are posted could be found offensive or inappropriate for certain people. Therefore, it would be best if children under eight first received permission from a parent or guardian to download this app. Nevertheless, Dubsmash exceeds at what it is supposed to do, and is a great form of entertainment if you are looking for a good laugh.