Disney reveals plans to build new Lost ride

Die-hard fans of Lost who dreamed of running away from the smoke monster or fighting against the darma initiative, may now be able to see their wish come true through Disney’s new stimulus ride.

Disney is now workshopping on an idea to transform the popular TV show Lost into a new stimulus ride. At the recent International Associations of Amusement Parks and Attractions in Las Angles, Walt Disney Imagineering revealed plans of developing a Kuka arm ride based off of the hit series Lost. 

Kuka arm technology is very similar to robotic arms used for building cars.  However when the technology is used for rides, secure seats are attached to the “hand” part of the machine to create an exciting stimulator effect.

Originally Disney passed on an opportunity to install a ride controlled by a Kuka arm, due to small capacity and long wait lines. However Disney recently decided to incorporate the Kuka arm technology in its new ride, Sum of All Thrills. The ride begins when each rider chooses his or her vehicle of choice, a jet, bobsled, or a roller coaster. Then using a touch screen, the rid-

courtesy of movieline.com
courtesy of movieline.com

er adds final touches to the ride. The information, which is saved on a swipe card, is then carried to the “launch pad”. Here the stimulator brings to life the rider’s design. In a closed hood seat, the rider can experience their creation in 3-D. 

Sum of all Thrills, which is located in Epcot, was the first ride of its kind, making Disney the only park in Orlando to feature the new technology. However, many believe that Universal theme parks plans on using the Kuka arm in its highly anticipated Harry Potter ride. 

With the exciting thrill of Lost and Harry Potter, accompanied by the adrenaline pumping Kuka arm, both Orlando parks are sure to bring in the crowds.