Disney Channel star, Olivia Holt releases a new song called “History”


Courtesy of Celebinfo.com

Olivia Holt writes the song, “History” to express the struggles of not working out with her boyfriend.

“History” by a disney channel star, Olivia Holt released on December 3 2016.

“History” is a typical song about a girl who struggles to tell her boyfriend that they’re not “working out” because she still has feelings for her ex and because of all of the memories she and her ex had.

The meaning of the lyrics about her wanting to end her relationship with her boyfriend is unoriginal and basic, but Olivia added a tiny twist to the story. There wasn’t a problem between her and her boyfriend; she just loves her ex more. The lyrics may be a little cheesy, but the song in general is pretty catchy.

Just like her previous song, “Phoenix” that also released in 2016, “History” is just as catchy and really brought emotions as well as fun vibes.

Although this song sounds like it has been written by a typical middle school girl that has been in several relationships, the tune and rhythm made up for it.

After listening to about 15 seconds of the song, it just sounded like a typical song I would hear on the radio. However, after the chorus played, my heart desired to keep listening to more of the song. The rhythm, beat and melody definitely gave the song a spark, and added so much more to the song.

Holt’s voice really showed her own style in this song. Although her voice was obviously altered in the song, her voice still sounded great. One is able to hear her true voice in this song and understand her style of music and voice.

A lot of mechanics were added to this song. It was almost as if computer generated sounds replaced real instruments. However, these computer generated sounds added a lot to the song and definitely made the song more exciting and fun.

The entire flow of the song was emotional yet really fun and upbeat. This song is definitely what one would listen to at a summer party or during a road trip with friends.

After listening to this song constantly, the desire for this song increased each time. At first, the song seems typical and immature, but as one starts listening to it more and more, he begins to understand what the song actually means and enjoy the tune. This song actually brought so much emotion that it had me missing the boyfriend that I never had.