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Dexter “Our Father”


Blood spatter expert, and vigilante killer, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), returns for his third season on Showtime. Dexter’s first target of the new season is a drug dealer known for getting away with murder. Following a series of mistakes on Dexter’s part, he meets a local prosecutor named Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits).


Following last season’s focus on the killer known as the “Bay Harbor Butcher,” I was wondering how this season could pick up on where that left off. Well, Dexter’s addiction sponsor, Lila, finished up Dexter’s job on framing Sergeant James Doakes for the murder of the “Bay Harbor Butcher” by burning him alive, and since Dexter didn’t have to kill him on his own, he had a new project. Kill Lila for murdering an innocent man.

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Dexter has continued to entertain me with the dark humor he manages to bring to killing all the criminals. Starting off this week’s episode, Dexter broke Harry’s code for killing an innocent man, and it leaves you wondering how it will affect his ability to kill the killers. Now that there is a huge dilemma between Dexter and Rita, you will never be able to predict what will happen next. 

Throughout this investigation on the murder of Oscar Prado, Dexter is taking an absence from killing just for one night while celebrating his deceased father’s birthday and the promotion of his close friend, Detective Batista to Sergeant. Dexter finds himself trying to recover from breaking Harry’s “code,” not knowing what he should do.

It is soon discovered that Miguel Prado, the leader on the case on his brother’s murder, happens to have dated Laguerta is the past and she will do anything to help the former lover. She even has Batista remove his good friend, Debra Morgan, from the case for using inappropriate language when describing how Oscar happened to be a drug abuser right in front of Miguel.

The way this episode ended made me anxious to see just what Dexter would do next. Next week look for the focus to be more on the background of Miguel and also on the dilemma between Rita and Dexter.



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