Dexter “Finding Freebo”


Dexter is going through a crisis, dealing with many tough dilemmas. His sister, Deb, is trying to find the drug-dealing killer Freebo, so Dexter needs to find him first. Also, Dexter has to deal with the shocking news that he may be a father. Dexter keeps having these random “dreams” that his future child will turn out just like him, a killer. Meanwhile, Miguel and Dexter find themselves tracking down the same killer, Freebo.  Deb, on the other hand, has found a very useful lead, an informant named Anton (David Ramsey), hoping to find Freebo so she can receive her “shield” (a.k.a her promotion). 


Following last week’s episode I didn’t know how this show could get any more interesting. First, Dexter broke Harry’s “code,” then we find out Rita is pregnant with Dexter’s child, and that Dexter is on the brink of getting caught for killing renown prosecutor Miguel Prado’s little brother. However, Dexter always seems to find a way out of his troubles. When Dexter and Rita were invited over to the Prado house for dinner, Miguel presses Dexter for more information on his brother’s case, and tells Dexter that his other brother, Ramon, has acquired some of his own information– Freebo’s mother’s cell phone number. Dexter gets worried that this information may lead Prado to find Freebo before Dexter has a chance to get to him. So Dexter does anything and everything he can to track down Freebo. He even goes to a college sorority party to find information on Freebo’s ex girlfriend, whom Freebo killed recently, and to find out where she lived to see if Freebo is hiding there. It turns out that Freebo was actually at the house that belonged to his ex girlfriend. As Dexter leaves the house to retrieve his “supplies,” Rita is there at his doorstep wanting to talk about their baby. She decides to keep it, and Dexter, still in shock, goes back to where Freebo was to continue his “killing process”. 

As Dexter begins his “routine,” we find that Miguel arrives at the house with his gun drawn searching for Freebo, as Dexter is completing the task. Dexter, with his blade in hand and covered in blood, gets confronted by Prado and immediately begins to panic and say it was self-defense. Prado recognizes the knife and gives Dexter a hug, telling Dexter he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to follow-through with killing Freebo himself. Dexter urges Prado to leave the scene without going into the garage to allow him “plausible deniability” so he won’t realize that Dexter had intended to kill Freebo. Prado grabs Dexter’s face and gives him a heart-felt “thank you,” just as we see that some of Freebo’s blood has gotten on the back of Prado’s shirt. It will be interesting to see if anyone notices the blood on Prado’s shirt and if he will get framed for Freebo’s murder. 

Grade: B+