Arctic Monkey’s through the years

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Lauren Hollowniczky, For Eastside

Everyone knows the hit single “Do I Wanna Know” and is probably able to sing along to at least a few lines. The British indie rock band, The Arctic Monkeys, has become more popular than ever with its newest album AM, which was released in the summer of 2013. Even with its increase in popularity, the band’s past four albums are not nearly as well-known as AM, but they are still just as brilliant.

Front man Alex Turner grouped with guitarist Jamie Cook, drummer Matt Helders and bassist Nick O’Malley (formerly Andy Nicholson) to form the band known today as the Arctic Monkeys.  The band’s journey to fame started in 2003 when the members started performing for small events around their area and also started gaining publicity through the internet.  Once demo recordings were produced, bigger crowds followed which lead to the Arctic Monkeys signing with the major record label Domino Records in 2005. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not was the band’s first album, which came out in 2006, and it ended up selling 118,501 copies in the first week alone. This became the fastest selling debut album in British history, which was a remarkable achievement to be made by the new band.

“Whatever People Say I Am” is anything but slow and boring. Every song on the album including the hit “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” has a wild mash up of electric guitar and banging drums along with fast, energetic lyrics. This album is sure to get any party going with its upbeat songs and unique rock sound.

A little over a year after its debut album was released, the Monkeys produced its second album, Favorite Worst Nightmare. Still keeping its classic rock influence in its songs, the band experimented with new musical techniques and sounds that began the form the Arctic Monkeys into a band with its own identity. Just like “Whatever People Say I Am,” the majority of the songs on its second album are fast and exciting with a couple slower songs that are just as good.

The band members continued their musical careers with their next two albums Humbug and Suck It and See. Humbug continued to explore new sounds and gave more of an idea of where the band was headed in terms of music. Suck It and See sounded most similar to the energetic songs on Favorite Worst Nightmare, but the band’s efforts to form its own individual sound of rock are still tested.

Dramatic changes in the band’s current sound and many risks are made with its newest album, AM. Arctic Monkey’s fifth album introduced a bold new sound for its fans, which was unlike many songs that the band had produced over the years. Instead of fast, upbeat sounds, the majority of the songs were slow and easy-going, unlike ever before. Turner defiantly sends out a more serious tone with his lyrics, which are mostly about love gone wrong. AM is better suited for a night spent in rather than a fun night out. Even without the constant energizing tone, AM is still a phenomenal album that identified the Monkeys more than ever before.

The Arctic Monkeys has grown and changed over the years. Still keeping its classic rock background in mind, the band always takes risks and tests themselves to its absolute limit. Fast or slow, energetic or calm, any work by the Arctic Monkeys is sure to get anyone hooked to its unique and great sound.