Apple to introduce iOS 7 and various other upgrades

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced various ideas and upgrades that are set to appear in fall 2013. Of these major ideas is the new invention of the iTunes Radio. iTunes radio will be available on all iOS 7 devices—meaning it will not be available on an iPhone without an upgrade—and will also include ads. If a user chooses to subscribe to iTunes Match, they can create custom radio stations built around one song or artist, the same feature that Pandora is most famous for. Also similar to Pandora, iTunes Match will allow users to rate the track that they are listening to by pressing a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” button.

Another highlight of Apple’s new look is the OS X Mavericks that will offer new support for multiple monitors, an iCloud Keychain for multiple passwords, a revamped calendar, and many other tech-savvy improvements.

On the mobile side of Apple products, iOS 7—available in fall 2013 for the iPhone 4, the iPad 2, the iPad Mini, the iPad Touch 5, and newer—will carry its own batch of expected upgrades. These upgrades include that notifications will now be available on the lock screen and that the main apps displayed on the front page have been completely redesigned and will update automatically. Also, Safari will have a “cover flow” capability, allowing users to more rapidly scroll through multiple pages at one time. Finally, the beloved Siri has a new voice and users will be able to block incoming Facetime and iMessaging.

Get ready for an exciting fall in terms of new technology courtesy of Apple products!