94% adds something different to the app store

Amanda Seligman, Eastside Staff

94% is a fun and unique app that is on the rise. The app asks random questions such as: “What is the first thing you do in the morning?” The app will have a survey of what 94 percent of people answered. It is then the player’s job to try and guess all of the top answers.

At first the game is a little hard to get a hang of, and for someone who knows nothing about the app, it may take a few minutes to understand the rules.

The game has a few cheats that allow the player to reveal some of the top answers by using up their points. If one runs out of points, he or she either have to win the points back or buy more. There are also rounds in which the game provides a picture, and the player’s role is to type in what he or she might think the picture represents.

The app is not too complicated; a person could definitely play the game while waiting around. The game is not too hard and does not require excessive thinking.

If you are looking for a new and interesting game to play, than 94% may be a hit. The game is more for young teens through adults. This game is not recommended for young children because they may not understand the idea of the game itself. The app has a lot to offer and is a mindless game that many will have no trouble becoming familiar with.