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90210 “Model Behavior”


Annie offers a helping hand to Adrianna, while Ryan is informed about Sammy’s father. Dixon, on the other hand, is confronted with racial issues as Naomi finds herself lonesome following a failed reunion with her parents. 


To this point, we’ve been introduced to the main characters: Kansas natives Annie and Dixon Wilson, the spoiled “princess,” Naomi, a rebellious Silver and the cute “boy next door” Ethan. In last week’s episode, we caught a glimpse into the world of Adrianna. After appearing high at opening night of the school musical, Spring Awakening, Adrianna is forced to watch Annie steal the show and her spot. Tempted by envy, Adrianna schemes to ruin Annie’s life and what’s better than causing heartbreak?  Annie finds Adrianna in Ty’s hotel room suspecting that the rumors about his “player” status were indeed true. 

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Fast forward to this week’s episode. Some of the main storylines in this episode included the father of Kelly’s baby, the relationship between Annie and Adrianna and the desperate Naomi. 

Ryan has been trying to pry inside the mind of Kelly, but he especially wants to know who her son’s father is. Kelly can’t seem to get her story straight, but Brenda sure knows the details. After she receives a call from a man by the name of Dylan, Brenda reveals that he is indeed Sammy’s father. Ryan confronts Kelly about Dylan, but Kelly asks him to move on, opposed to waiting for her. Ryan then brings up the fact that Dylan called Brenda’s phone instead of Kelly’s, leading Kelly to believe that Brenda and Dylan are involved. 

Naomi is prone to getting whatever she wants; therefore, she believes that it’ll be a piece of cake to get her parents back together. First, Naomi must make her father’s mistress, Gale, believe that her parents are still seeing each other. Mission accomplished! Next, her father has to see her mother cuddled up with a new man at the Pacific Coast Fashion Show. Mission failed. Although her father did indeed have a stormy outrage, it had nothing to do with jealousy. Instead he made it crystal clear that he and Naomi’s mother would never be together again (with emphasis on crystal clear). Not only is Naomi shattered, thanks to her failed attempt to get her parents back together, but Ethan reveals that he is not in love with her anymore and they officially end their relationship. At least that’s what they claim happened. 

Enter the world of Adrianna, the girl that can’t seem to get her head on straight. Adrianna and her mother are confronted by Principal Wilson and staff about Adrianna’s drug problem. Her mother immediately denies this claim. In an attempt to look after Adrianna, Ryan convinces Annie to do a task for him. Things are looking good between Adrianna and Annie once they hit the Pacific Coast Fashion Show. In fact, when an agent approaches Annie, she confirms that Adrianna is a phenomenal talent, which helps in scoring them both audition opportunities. Adrianna even begins to open up about her mother stating that she feels more like a client than a daughter, but the conversation takes a bad turn when Adrianna reveals she set Annie and Ty up. So much for their reconciliation! As for Annie and Ty, apologies were exchanged, but instead of getting back together, the two decide just to remain friends. 

Nearing the end, Silver is approached by a modeling agent who clearly has unethical intentions. Dixon approaches him only to be attacked with racial slurs leading to a fight between the two. Mrs. Wilson’s boss ends up fired in the end and there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to end up fired as well. Lucky for her, she still has a secure spot at her job, but am I the only one who thinks her boss is crushing? 

What a night. Silver returns home exhausted from the night’s activities, but soon finds out that Kelly is on two week leave from school to meet up with Dylan. She was all smiles when she found out that the house was going to be all hers. 

The episode concluded with Adrianna hopping into a car with a man who appeared to be a drug dealer. I wonder what’s in store for her next week. 

This episode didn’t do much for me. It was alright, but nothing had me on the tip of my toes. I was hoping for a more in depth look into Adrianna’s life, but she still seems too two-dimensional to me. 

Rating: B

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