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90210 “Hollywood Forever”

Synopsis: There’s a new girl in town and Annie and Ethan are paired up for a project. Tracy talks to Principal Wilson about their son and Naomi confronts Adrianna about her addiction. Cops also make an unexpected visit to West Beverly High.

Thoughts: “Hollywood Forever” opens up with the introduction to new student Kimberly, an extroverted girl from Las Vegas. From the start, Kimberly drops hints concerning her attraction to her teacher, Ryan. When Ryan is found with his new bubbly, self-absorbed and ditzy date, Kimberly drops by a few times, but Ryan catches the memo. He informs her that students have crushed on him in the past and he would appreciate it if she could set her feelings aside. She denies the claim, but her crush was pretty obvious if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Principal Harry Wilson is confronted by his ex, Tracy, about their son, who is currently living in an adopted household. Tracy is enthusiastic to find her son and makes that apparent to Harry. Although Harry wishes to meet his son, his plans differ from those of Tracy who hires a private investigator without his approval. Fortunately, Harry and his wife have what is dubbed a “perfect relationship” and Mrs. Wilson continues to support him in spite of her hatred towards Tracy.

Annie and Ethan are paired up as a married couple and are accountable for taking care of a baby doll. Naomi decides to confront the two and make it aware to Annie that she is officially over Ethan. Although Naomi causes discomfort between the two, Ethan takes the time to clarify that he is tired of making and breaking up with Naomi and is serious about their separation. Over the course of the episode, Ethan and Annie continue to grow close. Kudos to their plastic baby. Ethan did attempt to kiss her, but they were interrupted by a disturbing scene playing at the cemetery and the arrival of Silver and Dixon.

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Adrianna celebrates getting a role in a movie, but with whom? Apparently she and Naomi had plans to hang, but Adrianna ditches her in order to hang with C&C aka Cocaine and Champagne. Naomi confronts Adrianna about standing her up, but stumbles upon her drugs which were secure in a lipstick tube. As soon as Naomi places the pieces to the puzzle concerning Adrianna’s strange behavior, a flood of cops barge into the school and proceed to search for drugs. In order to help Adrianna, Naomi demands that she gives her the drugs. While sneaking into the bathroom to dump the cocaine, Naomi is caught in the midst of her actions and is automatically arrested.

Naomi’s life begins to shatter within hours. Her parents conclude that she is heading back to her old ways and experimenting with drugs. She’s also looking towards a future consisting of youth detention and probation which will be on her permanent record making it difficult for her to go on to college or even get a job.

Adrianna agrees to admit her faults to Naomi’s father’s attorney, but never shows leading to an outrage from Naomi while leaving a message on Adrianna’s phone. If only she knew Adrianna was unconscious due to an overdose. At the very end of the episode, Adrianna is motionless on the floor and surrounded by doctors who proceed to check for her pulse. Is she dead?

I will admit, I wasn’t expecting much out of this episode especially since it started off so slow, but once the cops joined in, I refused to move from my TV. For once, I actually felt bad for Naomi and my wish was granted since this episode was mainly focused on Adrianna. The ending hit home and I can’t wait until next week.

Rating: A

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